667788 (Subconscious Rhythm)

Title: 667788 (Subconscious Rhythm) (2021)
Medium/Media: paint and ink on canvas, colour changing light, audio tape-loop.

667788 (Subconscious Rhythm) is a work combining painted surface with light and audio to create a felt experience through the culmination of these elements. The coloured light, fluctuating between pink and green, interact with the painted colours and forms. While the repetitive nature of the audio gives the impression of movement, imbuing the bodily forms with a sense of life.

Through the combination of paint, light and sound I attempt to facilitate a ‘colour experience’, where the three components interact in a space that exists in between the painted surface, the light and audio source. I am interested in the way we perceive colour and hope to give a glimpse into the possibilities in perceiving colours.

As someone with deuteranomaly vision (a common form of colour-blindness) the green colour cones in my eyes receive too much red light and not enough green light. Sometimes resulting in a difficulty distinguishing between blues and purples or pinks and grays, along with other confusing perceptions of colour. For example the use of green on pink creates a sort of vibrating effect.

I used an airbrush as a medium for its fluidity of motion to emphasize subtleties in quick movements. Using these swift motions repeated in a quick succession, I embody a rhythmic sense of movement within the shapes and their variations; Letting music inform my process of creating visual art. In combining sound with paint and light, I am interested in the internal experience that happens at the culmination of these elements. Each individual aspect influences the perception of the other elements. The light interacts with the painted colour changing its appearance while the sounds give the impression of movement; all working to create an atmosphere where these separate elements live together as one experience. Through creating these sensory environments, I aim to allow the viewer to have a felt experience of colour, light and sound.

The audio was recorded on a short looped segment of cassette tape through a Tascam 424 four-track tape recorder with input from a Korg ds8 synthesizer. The chords repeat endlessly on the machine while I manipulate the volume and equalization of the four tracks.

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